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Unit - Pest & Building Inspection Sunshine Coast

Investing in a unit is never a decision, which must be taken lightly. You must always consider the most important aspects of buying a unit along with the structural integrity and the prevalence of pests in the property.

Building inspection for your unit

If you're purchasing a completely new unit or a nearly new one, understand that they may come with various kinds of problems. There may be leaky roofs, faulty electrical systems and much more. But this is also true that newer a property, less problems will it have. No matter what, a building inspection for your unit is what you will need to do prior to purchase. By doing this you will not only give yourself a more precise valuation of the property, you'll even allow yourself the time as well as flexibility needed for repairing what's required to be repaired or fixed before moving in. Moreover, you're putting yourself in a position to fix any defect that may worsen & cost you thousands of dollars in future.

On the other hand, if you're putting up your unit for sale, you'll want to ensure you are aware of any structural deficiency or defect, which you were probably not aware of previously. This will allow you to cover up your bases as far as your buyers are concerned because they'll probably look for a third party for conducting a building inspection from their end.

Rapid Pest & Building Pty Ltd offers quality building inspection for units. So, if you are looking for qualified and experienced building inspectors for your units, we are here for you.

We also have independent pest inspectors who can come in & assess your property during day time. We are after all experts in offering both building and pest inspection at the same time for your unit.

Don't think that since you are living in a unit, you are less prone to have pest problems. In fact, when you are living in a house you can control the cleanliness and all those things which may attract pests around. But in a unit, you won't be able to control the habits of other people living in the building. You may not even know that your neighbour has cockroaches in his or her house and have put your unit at risk.

So, pest inspection prior to sale and purchase are very necessary. We also recommend semi-regular check ups.

Contact Rapid Pest and Building for building and pest inspections of your unit.