Pest Inspection

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Pest Inspection

Is your property or the house you are buying infested with termites? According to the statistics of CSIRO, termites attack one in every five Australian homes. They cause severe damage to properties costing the owners thousands of dollars in repairs & resulting in loss of re-sale value to homes.

What We Can Do For You?

Rapid Pest & Building Pty Ltd can determine whether the property is actually infested with wood destroying pests like termites, wood decaying fungi,borers or chemical delignification. Our pest inspectors provide an internal & external inspection and check the building & surrounding area for signs of pest activity. The inspection includes diagnosis of areas like timber structures, garden beds, drainage, walls, floors, ceilings, windows, roof space and exteriors.

We conduct a thorough examination of all the accessible areas using Thermal Camera Technology and then compile a report that complies with Australian Standards detailing past and present infestation. In our timber pest report you will get the list of pests that we have identified in your property along with a maintenance plan for preventing their future attack and ensuring that the investment is secure. (See our pest inspection package)

Rapid Pest and Building can also provide a combined building and pest inspection service and help you save money.

Contact us to enquire about having a pest inspection undertaken – call 0413 158868, fill our online order form or request an online quote today.