Building Inspection

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Building Inspection

Building inspection is a vital part of building, buying or selling a house. It can give the buyer or seller of a property a complete peace of mind as he or she comes to know what he or she is exactly buying or selling. So, if you are planning to purchase or sell a new house or building, let us help you visually inspect your property. We are best in this job.

When Are Building Inspections Necessary?


  • Pre-sale or pre-purchase building inspection
  • Handover building inspection
  • Building inspection during construction stage
  • Home warranty inspection

How We Can Help You?

Our qualified & experienced inspectors can tell you about the immediate condition of the building and if there are any minor or major building faults & issues, which can affect the property and cause thousands of dollars of damage in months & years to come.

While conducting the inspection, our experts usually look for structural cracking, dampness, deformation, major and minor defects, incomplete construction, maintenance issues, tress & shrubs corrosion, safety issues and more. An inspection identifying timber pest damage can also be conducted.

You are welcome to walk around with our inspector while he is undertaking your inspection, he will explain his findings to you so that you have a complete knowledge of his findings.

A fully written report documented to Australian Standards 4349.1 and digital photographs of the defects that have been detected by our experts will be emailed to you the same day the inspection is done. So, there is no waiting for reports.

Our Building Inspection & Report Includes:

  • minor and major defects, maintenance items, safety issues
  • what the probable consequences will be if the defect remain unchecked
  • condition of the property
  • analysis & suggestions on how to manage or fix these issues
  • recommended professionals suitable for undertaking the recommended action
  • estimated costs for repairs on special request

Rapid Pest & Building Pty Ltd has no hidden charges and no surprises.

So, what are waiting for? To arrange a building inspection, call Rapid Pest and Building on 0413 158868, or submit an enquiry with your details & we will contact you. You can also book an inspection online.